Hélène Rey-Valette est maître de conférences (HDR) en Economie à l’Université de Montpellier, rattachée au laboratoire CEE-M (Centre d’Economie de l’Environnement de Montpellier).
Hélène Rey-Valette is associate professor in economics at the University of Montpellier and researcher with the Center for Environmental Economics – Montpellier (CEE-M).

Titre de la communication : La géomatique comme moteur de croissance et d’innovation dans les politiques publiques : quelques réflexions de cadrage

Ses recherches portent sur l’évaluation et la mise en œuvre de politiques publiques notamment les processus d’apprentissages individuels et collectifs et l’efficacité des dispositifs de gouvernance dans le champ de la conservation de la biodiversité et de l’adaptation de territoires littoraux au changement climatique.

Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Instituto Superior Técnico in the University of Lisbon.

UK Topic of the talk: Applications of Biomedical Text Mining

Brief biography: Bruno Martins is an assistant professor at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of IST and a researcher at the Information and Decision Systems Lab of INESC-ID, where he works on problems related to the general areas of information retrieval, text mining, and the geographical information sciences. He has been involved in several research projects related to geospatial aspects in information access and retrieval, and he has accumulated a significant expertise in addressing challenges at the intersection of information retrieval and the geographical information sciences (i.e., in an area that is often referred to as geographical information retrieval).


Professor in Digital Humanities, Dept. of Classics & Ancient History, University of Exeter.

Titre de l'exposé : Linked Open Geodata and the Pelagios Commons

Leif's research interests lie in two distant but related fields: the development of geographic thought and representation in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, and the emerging role of the Web as a transformational medium for communicating and connecting complex information. For the former he has undertaken theoretical and digital analyses of various documents from ancient world, including the Geographike Hyphegesis of Claudius Ptolemy and the Roman Itineraries. In the latter he applies Linked Open Data technologies to annotate, connect and revisualize geographic aspects of the past through its textual and material culture, most notably as Director of the Pelagios Commons. .